Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mulled wine the lazy way.

So I like mulled wine, but it's taken a while to find a convenient method and recipe that suits both of us. Fiddly isn't his thing and too simple isn't mine. So, all you slow cooker fans... Lazy mulled wine.

I may have forgotten to take a pic
as it was cooking. Oops!
1.5 L Aldi 'soft red' cask wine aka Aldi Red goon.
150ml (a good splodge) Aldi Tawny Port.
1 blood orange, halved and crushed
1 decent juicy lemon, quartered. We use grandpas Meyers.
2 whole cloves
1 stick cinnamon
1/2 a star anise
100g brown sugar
250ml hot water

Chuck it all in, put on auto. Leave for a few hours. 

Mix brown sugar into hot water. Add to slow cooker.
Check the flavour and remove spices if necessary or add more if you want to. Leave another 20 mins after a good stir.

PS: I've recently discovered where Aldi Port comes from. No wonder it's good, shame I can't share who makes it, but it's good!

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