Monday, December 06, 2010

Christmassy Cocktail

I have an obsession with mixed fruit at this time of year. I'll eat it any way I can get it.
And drink it. I soak my fruit in vast amounts of sherry, and there's plenty of fruit infused sherry in the containers left over, Which is awesome for glazing mince pies and doughnuts too.
This is my version of a Christmas Cocktail. Let's call it a Sloshed Noel shall we?

Sloshed Noel
2 parts fruit infused sherry
1 part Vanilla Galliano
1 part gin (I choose tanqueray 10)

Drop a glace cherry or two into the bottom of the glass.
Layer Sherry, Galliano and Gin in order

Serve with ice stick and a spoon.