Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Marshmallow Bubble Bars

There's a bunch of recipes around for this. It's one recipe you might have to tweak on the fly, these ingredients can vary wildly in water content.

Marshmallow Bubble Bars (LCM knock off)
110g butter
250g marshmallows 
275g rice bubbles/cornflakes/Cheerios etc

Chop up marshmallows up a bit with scissors or thermo. 
Melt with the butter, either in microwave or thermo.

While it is melting, measure out your bubbles or other cereals into a bowl sprayed with cooking oil.
Lightly spray a silicon spatula too. Line a slice tray with silicon baking paper. 

Pour melted mix over bubbles, and mix gently but quickly. Turn it all over and through the middle until evenly coated. If there's too much sticky stuff then add more cereal quickly. Pile it into the lined tin, then press down with damp or greased hands. Chill in the fridge to set, then cut into bars.

Adulteration notes:
Add any choc chips, nuts, sprinkles etc on top or mix through.
Add 1.5T cocoa powder to the melted mix before pouring over. 
Add 2T psyllium and 1T linseed meal before mixing to make yourself feel a little better about this sugary treat. Add 1/2 cup coconut and reduce bubbles to 250g if you can if you go this option to explain the textural difference to the kids. 

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