Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Recipe review: Ciabatta

I love simple and easy. This is both. Also tasty!
The recipe is simple and instructions are easy to follow. 

What Caroline Cooked - Ciabatta

In the interests of giving her credit, use the link to get the ingredient amounts.
I used her quantities, but doubled the yeast as mine is a little old.
This is the dough (made about ten pm) at 7:30am, so a 9.5 hr prove.
The dough turned out easily with a big of help (wet your hands) and I made a slim log, then cut into 8 pieces. I could have easily shaped them a little more neatly but I still hadn't had my coffee by now. I'd add more flour to the tray and use baking paper next time.

22 minutes at 225 Degrees, with plenty of water sprinkled around the tray for added steam. I did some in the oven and some in the airfryer, and I was happier with the oven ones, probably because it was just a little hotter than the 200 max of the airfryer.

This recipe made enough for breakfast and lunch for 3 kids. I'm about to go make a double batch and I'll pull one batch of rolls out a little early so they can be reheated in the air fryer for breakfast straight from the freezer. Win!

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